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Bird Park

Located in the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, it is only 10 minutes drive away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is home to more than 3,000 local and foreign birds of approximately 200 different species

Sprawling approximately 20.9 acres of verdant valley terrain the park is divided into 4 zones Zone 1 and 2 make up the free-flight zone Zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and Zone 4 is where the birds are placed in separate cages and mini aviaries

One of KL Bird Park most extraordinary feature is that in Zone 1- 2 and 3- birds are let free in the aviary which closely resembles their natural habitat. With this free-flight concept, birds are able to breed naturally in this unique environment. Experience the ambience of lush green tropical rainforest once you step into our free-flight walk-in aviary

Reputed to be one of the largest in the world, this free-flight walk-in aviary comprises of Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the park. You will find various bird species flying freely and living together in harmony and balance, creating a unique ecosystem of its own in this semi-natural environment. Be amazed by the courtship display of the Indian Blue Peacock with its magnificent, colourful, 5-feet train

Also, get a glimpse of the Crowned pigeon, the largest pigeon species in the world having the body size of a turkey. Or if you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to see how Yellow-billed Storks gather fallen twigs to build nests in their nesting colonies, and last but not least, doves, egrets and ibises feeding joyfully at the various feeding points. Do not miss the Free-flying Birds Feeding that takes place in this part of the park at 10.30am Once you step into our first of many mini aviaries in the park, located at the main entrance area, you will be greeted by our naughty Indian Ring-necked Parakeets

The Love Aviary got its name from the main tenants of this aviary, the Lovebirds. The name Lovebird stems from these parrots strong, monogamous pair bonding and the long periods of time in which paired birds will spend sitting beside one another. Besides the greatly loveable small parrots, this aviary also houses the colorful Budgerigars, Sun Conures and Cockatiels
The Park is open daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm including Public Holidays and School Holidays

Bird Park

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