...Butterfly Park...

Butterfly Park

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

is a veritable secret paradise where butterflies actually dance nonchalantly in clumps of fern amidst scented beautiful flowers and flowering vines

From the words of the internationally renowned programme- Discovery Channel, in an interview and broadcasted to over 200 million viewers worldwide, it says “of all the butterfly parks in the world, none can compare with this one

Located next to the Lake Gardens and the Bird Park this attraction is perfect for the whole family. Here you can enter butterfly free-flight aviaries featuring species from around the world.

The site covers 7432m² of landscaped gardens with exotic plants and is home to more than 5,000 butterflies representing 120 species. The gardens have specifically been planted with 15,000 plants to attract and host the butterflies and recreate their natural habitat

This is one of the largest butterfly houses in the world. The entire park is covered with high netting so that the butterflies stay on-site. Visitors follow paths through the enclosed grounds, passed ponds and the lush vegetation as butterflies fly all about and even land on the visitors.
In addition to actually seeing the butterflies you can enjoy an exhibition about the insects and other bugs. The museum is also home to some live bugs and many mounted butterflies. There is a nursery breeding area where you can see the butterfly larvae and cocoons

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Butterfly Park

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